Event Management Services

Working on your first or one of many events seems like a complicated process.

Most event planners utilise a typical process to complete the design and execution services for your event. By understanding just the basics before talking with your event planner, the process will seem a lot less daunting.

There are typically 5 phases that an event planner practices to complete a project. For smaller events, it may involve lesser phases.

Stay calm, speak to us and let us work with you!

Event Management

The initial brief and discussion between Comcepts and the client is a crucial information exchange that sets the scope for the event.  The client expresses his vision for the event, the specific goals, project budget and the projected timeline for deliverables.  Comcepts, in turn, presents preliminary recommendations on viability and design.

Design [Concept]

Depending on the project commencement point, Comcepts may present different information recommendations – venue locations (locally or overseas), settings, price points.  Subsequently, the information may include floor plans, layouts, sketches and design proposals.  If you have any other agencies of record (creative and/or public relations), we will work in tandem with them to present a more cohesive creative proposal.

Also during this phase, the project budget will be finalised. 

Design Development

This phase typically includes finalising the creative concept, the design, development and documentation of all materials, equipment & services required within the specifications of the event and venue and finishes.  Supplementary technical equipment, lighting and electrical layouts are also discussed.

Shortlisted venues will be visited to assess suitability followed by detailed layout plans prepared to ensure alignment of logistics details.

Logistics planning

Comcepts will work with the client and selected venue on key logistics details – event layout, timings for move-in & dismantling, electrical supply, professional endorsements, selection of food & beverage menus, amongst many other details.  For larger events stretching over multiple days / venues and/or involves multiple participating partners, we will ensure careful coordination to ensure seamless integration on-site.


The journey culminates in the last week to the event D-Day where last minute changes and updates adds excitement into the swirling mix of plans.  From coordinating the delivery and installation of different components of the event, to rehearsals, upto the moment when guests are welcomed into the venue and till all is over, it is an endless adrenaline rush!

The post-event wrap-up usually include  budget reconciliation and evaluation.